Eagle Process after earning Life from the Eagle Candidate's Perspective:

Terms used in the above document:
Workbook Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook Page numbers,
January 2021 Version
Proposal Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal 7-14
Plan Eagle Scout Service Project Plan 15-21
Fundraising Application Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application 22-23
Report Eagle Scout Service Project Report 25-28
Rank Application
Eagle Scout Rank Application -
Generate from Scoutbook if at all possible!
Otherwise get it from Scouting.org/Advancement
Statement Rank Application "statement of your ambitions
and life purpose and a listing of positions held..."
from Certification by Applicant section of Rank Application.
MCC Michigan Crossroads Council
  • "Eagle Scout Rank Application Package" includes the
    following for review prior to the Board of Review:
    • Project Proposal (with 5 signatures)
    • Project Fundraising App (with 3 signatures)
    • Project Plan
    • Project Report (with 3 signatures)
    • Rank Application (with 4 signatures)
    • Eagle Candidate's Statement
  • Note, that is all pages of each, not just signature pages.