Eagle Letters of Recommendation process as of March 2021

  1. Eagle Candidate sends a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope - see examples below) to each of the people listed in Requirement 2 on the Eagle Scout Rank Application.
  2. Include the Michigan Crossroads Council (MCC) form to request the Eagle Letters of Recommendation.
    ( The form can also be found on the MCC web site by selecting: Resources/General Resources/Advancement/then scroll down to "Eagle Reference Letter Form". )
  3. On each reference form that you send, fill out the following information:
  4. The Unit Leader collects the letters unopened and notifies the District representative when they are collected.
  5. The unopened Letters of Recommendation are delivered by the Unit Leader to the Eagle Scout Board of Review.
  6. For Unit Leader, use your Committee Chair, Scoutmaster, or Advancement Chair, etc.

Example Eagle Candidate
Letter of Recommendation
SASE Envelope:

Name from Req. 2
Role from Req. 2
Address from Req. 2
Eagle Candidate: Name, Unit Type & #
c/o: Unit Leader's Name
Unit Leader's Address
Unit Leader's Address

Envelope Example:

Pastor Smith
123 Parsons Drive
Eagle Candidate: Buzzy Bee, Troop 987
c/o: Scoutmaster: Jones
456 Apple Tree Ln.
Lansing, MI 48933