Eagle Process after earning Life from the Eagle Candidate's Perspective:

  1. Merit Badges
    • Note: You DO NOT have to have all your Merit Badges completed before working on your project!
    • Verify all required Merit Badges have been earned and recorded in Scoutbook
    • Eagle Palms, 1 palm for every 5 MBs past the number required for Eagle (requirements must be completed before you turn 18).
  2. Eagle Scout Service Project
    1. Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal
      1. Decide on an Eagle Scout Service Project
      2. Download and use the Current Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook from: Scouting.org/Advancement
        • REQUIRED: The current version of the document *must* be used - See the Guide to Advancement section
        • After the Proposal is approved, you may continue using the same workbook and don't need to switch if a new version is published.
      3. Fill out the Proposal & Fundraising Application
        • Check the Fundraising Application documentation to determine if it is required - not needed for less than $1,500 per MCC!
      4. Sign and get the Proposal & Fundraising Application approved by all but the Council/District.
      5. Submit (via eMail) the Proposal & Fundraising Application to Council/District for final approval to Chief.Okemos.Advancement@gmail.com.
      6. Council/District Advancement Committee Member(s) review, approve & return the paperwork, or works with the Candidate until it can be approved (expect about 2 weeks).
      7. The Candidate/Unit is notified that the Proposal & Fundraising Application is approved.
        Remember, you may not start work on your project until after your Proposal is fully approved.
        Note: This will be required to submit along with the Eagle Scout Rank Application!
      8. If a paper copy was turned in, then the Candidate picks it up (or asks for it to be destroyed).
    2. Eagle Scout Service Project Plan
      1. Use this section of the workbook to finalize the details to complete the project.
      2. Complete your Project!
    3. Eagle Scout Service Project Report
      1. Fill out the Report section of the workbook as soon as you have completed your project - this way you don't forget any details.
      2. Sign the Report and collect the remaining signatures.
  3. Eagle Scout Rank Application
    1. Download the Rank Application from Scoutbook. Most things will be filled out. (You can also find a blank copy on Scouting.org/Advancement.)
    2. If any Merit Badges or dates are incorrect, get it corrected in Scoutbook before continuing ,then generate a new Rank Application...
    3. Eagle Scout Candidate finishes filling out the Rank Application.
    4. Eagle Scout Candidate signs the Rank Application.
    5. Eagle Scout Candidate participates in a Unit Leader Conference.
    6. Eagle Scout Candidate gets Unit Leader and Committee Chair signatures.
    7. Your Unit submits your Rank Application, etc. for Verification using MCC's Eagle Scout Application Verification Submission Form.
    8. Eagle Scout Candidate, or your Unit, provides an electronic copy of the Package to the District for review.
    9. Eagle Scout Candidate Requests Letters of Recommendation (find current process here)
    10. MCC returns the Eagle Scout Rank Application with a Verification signature added (expect about 2 weeks).
  4. Board of Review process
    1. Your Unit works with with the District Advancement Committee representative to schedule an Eagle Scout Board of Review once the Verified Rank Application and Letters of Recommendation have been collected.
    2. Eagle Scout Candidate provides the hard copy Package (including the Verified Rank Application!) to the Unit to bring to the Board of Review.
    3. Eagle Scout Board of Review members meet for 15 to 30 minutes to review all the documentation included in the Package.
    4. Eagle Scout Candidate joins the Board of Review (expect 30-45 minutes of conversation and questions).
    5. Eagle Scout Board of Review dismisses the candidate, deliberates and decides.
    6. Eagle Scout Board of Review provides results to the Candidate.
  5. The process after a successful Board of Review
    1. Please send a head and torso photo of the new Eagel Scout, in uniform, to Chief.Okemos.Advancement@gmail.com for inclusion in the District Eagle Gallery.
    2. Your Board's District Advancement representative submits your Board approved Rank Application to the District Advancement Committee Chair.
    3. The District Advancement Committee Chair submits your Board approved Rank Application to Council using MCC's Post Eagle Board of Review Document Submission Form.
    4. Rank Application Signed by the Scout Executive.
    5. Rank Application Submitted to BSA National.
    6. Rank Certificate Received by Council from BSA National (this currently takes 6-8 weeks).
    7. Rank Certificate availability provided to Unit by MCC (this takes about 2 weeks).
    8. Rank Certificate picked up by Unit.

Terms used in the above document:
Workbook Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook Page numbers,
January 2021 Version
Proposal Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal 7-14
Plan Eagle Scout Service Project Plan 15-21
Fundraising Application Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application 22-23
Report Eagle Scout Service Project Report 25-28
Rank Application
Eagle Scout Rank Application -
Generate from Scoutbook if at all possible!
Otherwise get it from Scouting.org/Advancement
Statement Rank Application "statement of your ambitions
and life purpose and a listing of positions held..."
from Certification by Applicant section of Rank Application.
MCC Michigan Crossroads Council
  • "Eagle Scout Rank Application Package" includes the
    following for review prior to the Board of Review:
    • Project Proposal (with 5 signatures)
    • Project Fundraising App (with 3 signatures)
    • Project Plan
    • Project Report (with 3 signatures)
    • Rank Application (with 4 signatures)
    • Eagle Candidate's Statement
  • Note, that is all pages of each, not just signature pages.